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Digital Marketing

Maintaining a consistent digital presence is important, but providing genuine help and solutions for what people are searching for online is essential. We offer strategic campaigns, creating content calendars and in depth social media strategies and provide all the content and scheduling that goes alongside it.

Social Media Campaign Designs

The majority are aware how powerful a tool social media marketing can be for their business, however, it has to be used correctly. Every word, every image, every message has to have intent. 

Many underestimate how much work is involved in getting it right, but that’s why stepping back and creating a strategy from looking at the bigger picture is important. By creating a content calendar and scheduling social posts for months ahead means you know EXACTLY what content will be needed and therefore each design that will be required for each piece of content.

Company Logo

Your logo represents your business. It’s the foundation for your company’s brand identity. A strong logo creates trust, loyalty and separates you from your competition. The character, image and colour of any brand all stems from the logo.


Massix offers clean, stylish, effective and user friendly responsive websites. We design and write bespoke websites catered to all industries whether it’s informational & educational, providing a service or selling products online. We then create a domain, host and maintain your site, so you know your company is in good hands from start to finish.

Print Marketing

Have a look at the print services we offer such as business cards, catalogues, product packaging and more.

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