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Massix is a Creative Agency

Massix, based in Reading, Berkshire is a Creative Agency that provides everything a Marketing or Design Agency usually would, but the difference is we also offer all the little things in between that a  marketing team might typically outsource.

Brief History

Established in 2012, Massix initially learnt the ropes of marketing & design within the music industry.

It first started with collaborating with a range of music artists designing their album artwork and their social layouts to then being a large part of the successful creation of a local multimedia company and YouTube channel that offered a genuine platform and everything an upcoming musician, singer or rapper would need, and they really got their money’s worth.

Individually each member of the team delved into different areas and sectors and honed their marketing and design skills. The more each individual grew the more Massix’s overall knowledge did as a collective. Now we can support any company from start to success.


We reinforce this clear marketing message with clean and elegant designs that are memorable and leave an impact. We’ve successfully adapted our designs to multiple industries and know what it takes to capture attention.


Effective marketing is identifying and genuinely solving your target audience’s problems, profitability. You’re talking to real people, with real problems. Don’t overcomplicate your message and content, don’t show off all the technical jargon you know, simply speak their language.

Brand Creation, Brand Revamp & Digital

Brand creation involves identifying your business strategy, target customers and their needs, your competition, and your brand positioning and messaging. 


Once you know your core brand identity, you can create a logo and tagline and develop a branding and marketing strategy alongside.

Your brand may already be established but just requires a fresh new look. We take the time to truly understand your brand identity and message inside out before revamping your

Massix have worked with a number of clients that have been successful over the years without taking full advantage of digital marketing and just needed some help venturing into what might be an unknown space.

WE make sure YOU leave an impression every time.