How Massix Works

Learn more about how Massix came to be and our process.

Listening Stage

The most important stage of all. It’s essential for us to truly understand your brand or the vision for your brand before rushing ahead with any project. You might need some support in creating this vision and we can happily help you with this.

Strategy Stage

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” and true success stems from a strong strategic plan.. You have to start by looking at the bigger picture before you can focus on the smaller details.

  • Develop content strategy
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Develop social media strategy

Hubspot Content Marketing Model?

First we need to;

  1. Create your personas
  2. Identify their problems
  3. Find your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  4. Decide the content formats you would like to use 
  5. Distinguish the channels where you’re personas usually condigrate and which you ones will be the most effective

Production Stage

Content Production


  • Produce and lay out the content and designs for marketing material that came out of the strategy such as blogs, e books, infographic, infographics
  • Create content calendar 
  • Create an social media schedule aligned to the above content calendar
  • Write content for social media posts including the keywords and hashtags that came from the keyword research
  • Schedule social posts 

Design Production

  • Produce the designs for any marketing material that came out of the strategy such as blogs, e books, infographic, infographics
  • Create the social media advert designs

Marketing Management

Digital Management

  • Website management & maintenance
  • Social Media Management

Print Management

Guarantee consistency across all your marketing and promotional materials by centralising your team. Whether your requirements are for printed materials such as business cards, catalogues, adverts, flyers or paperwork or more delicately transposing your logo onto clothing, product packaging or van/wraps, we ensure brand continuity and a high quality finish for all your needs. 


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